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What is "Know Scam/Legit Sites" application About?

Dear Visitor,

This is a program under GitaRani MI Project whose primary goal is to create general awareness among the people who use internet and deal with many web sites in their day to day life. This application i.e. "Know Scam/Legit Sites" will allow any user with a valid email id to introduce any web page for public review. Once the web site is registered with our application you can feel free to vote in favor or against the site based on your experience. This will really help other internet users in finding out the real fact about any web site. You can also add your comments on the site.

So, please help each other by providing the right information in a democratic way about any site registered with our "Know Scam/Legit Sites" program. We will also review the sites registered with us and provide our feed back.

As this is a program under GitaRani MI Project which is supposed to express the public review along with their votes in an unbiased manner, we will not be responsible at all about the information published with this application. It will be the sole responsibility of the user of the application whether he/she will accept or not accept the information.

Also, we can not tolerate any offensive or abusive or spam words used by any user/visitor of this application. These kinds of serious matters will result in the termination/suspension of account of such users. So, our honest request is to keep this program clean and useful to users of Internet.

Please click "Know Scam/Legit Sites --> Add a Site For Public Review" from the top Menu Items to register a site you want to get reviewed.
You can cast your vote along with your comments on any available sites based on your past experience with the particular site. To search for a site whether it is already registered under this program you can click "Know Scam/Legit Sites --> Search A Site" sub menu in the top navigation menu panel.

You can also register or introduce a new site by clicking following link.

Add a Site For Public Review