IntelliExpo is the best online virtual event management software platform which provides the best experience of hosting online virtual events. It is a new generation event management platform, which helps you carry out any event with utmost ease. Be it a media day, an expo or any event, IntelliExpo is the one stop virtual event management software for you to host them all. Our key features include customizable display booths for exhibitors to showcase multimedias in different forms. Virtual webinars and virtual meeting rooms are also other key features of IntelliExpo which helps engage your audience with the event and give them the best of the experience.

The event can be customized according to the requirements of the conference and goals around it. Since it's multi-lingual, it gives you an upper hand to connect any audience around the globe, by which your event can witness maximum numbers of visitors and exhibitors. The virtual venues and the exhibitors booth can also be easily customised, to help make it a global success. IntelliExpo has designed its features to reflect your brand in a way that it can deliver the best experience. Since it is the best online virtual event management platform, it has created its interface for the smoothest process in less time.

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