Harvest Glow Candles is a pure soy wax candles and melting cubes Company owned by an Army veteran, based in the USA. Harvest glow offers the best soy wax candles online, each candle made fiercely with utmost care and patience. Harvest glow√Ę??s mission is to provide clean burning, earth friendly, reasonably priced, quality soy wax candles. To have the most accurate formulation, continuous testing of products has been the strict practice for the company. It has a variety of products ranging from home fragrance to tin soy candles, all within affordable rates. Harvest glow is best to buy soy candles online. You can get a variety of fragrances in wax candles, home fragrances and melting cubes. Their latest launch includes infusion home fragrance, action designer spray, Amish harvest fragrance and ginger men fragrance. The products that are made at harvest glow are a best buy because they are made with all cotton wicks, premium fragrances and non-toxic dyes. Everything organic is used without compromising the quality of the end product.

Harvest Glow can also help you become a candle distributor by assisting you through the process. From stocking up the orders, labeling the products, private labeling and customer orders, harvest glow is here to help in every possible way. Since harvest glow offers the products at very reasonable rates, by collaborating with harvest glow, you can achieve a competitive edge in the retail market.

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