About Exam Portal

The Online Examination platform aims towards transforming traditional Education to elevated learning experience. It has become more widespread to oblige everyone to education and it spreads equal and high-quality opportunities that the learner deserves anywhere and anytime.

As the online tests are used across large number of fields such as schools, universities and in some cases of job interviews, the online examination portal here in GitaRaniJD Welfare Trust is trying to help the aspirants to have opportunity for the best.

The objectives of online examination system is to make sure that the aspirant is thoroughly aware of the course curriculum and that the exam reflects the course content he/she has studied. It will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of question banks of the online examination system.

Major advantages of Online Examination Portal are ...

  1. Questions banking adaptability.
  2. Exam creation flexibility.
  3. Psychometric analysis and the Progress Report help in decision making.
  4. Course management is ofcourse an added advantage.

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